Novika solution is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1983 under the name "Centre spécialisé de technologie physique du Québec (CSTPQ) ".  Recognized as a College Center for Technology Transfer, its multidisciplinary team and its continuously updated research infrastructure allows Novika to effectively complement the expertise of its industrial partners, working with them to improve their competitiveness.

Novika offers applied research, development and transfer services in the following areas:

   - Design of mechanical, electrical, electronic and electromechanical products
   - Design of processes and equipment
   - Development of software solutions
   - Testing with data acquisition
   - High power laser processes.

A special effort is provided for the application of these expertise domains in four specific areas:
   - Development of health equipment
   - Energy efficiency applied to products, processes and buildings
   - Industrial applications of emerging IT technologies
   - Laser welding.

With laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, Novika continually invests in the knowledge and skills of its team, allowing it to remain at the forefront of innovation and to meet industrial needs.


Financial Partners of Novika
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